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The information is even detailed by how much each tribe contributes. In either case, the gaming machines are not allowed to accept or payout in coins. The sites claim legality because the product is not gambling. I thought I'd share some of my findings about area Oklahoma casinos. They offer bonus hands for suited blackjacks But it's the only game in town and I cannot travel outside of the state enough to play. Are craps and roulette legal in Oklahoma?

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Hope that Oklahoma does away with the ante! I've not been able to get a straight answer on that one because I'm not sure even the Casino personel really understand it!

I've been told that at some of the OK casinos, they cannot have Video Poker at all. I know it now has to be tied in some way to a networked "bingo" game and do not know how that impacts the Edge. Mikeaber , Jan 31, The antes are going to completely keep me away from Oklahoma casinos. Fifty cents a hand adds up quickly. Even with counting, add in the negative side of bj flucuation, and you need a much larger bankroll to support a smaller betting spread. It isn't worth it. MadMax , Jan 31, Very true madmax, the ante's here are the main reason I've let blackjack take a backseat and focused my attention more on hold em.

In my honest opinion, with the antes in place, I feel like I shouldn't be acted upon if my counting is spotted, bc now I'm actually playing an even game. Oklahoma now has several class III slot machines, including video poker. Up until recently, there was a variation of video poker which utilized the "bingo system. However, I don't believe these machines behaved in the same way a typical video poker machine would.

Within the past year, regular video poker machines are common in oklahoma casinos and do not utilize the bingo system. It is also because of this that I say Oklahoma is working on becoming a full Class III gaming state and that the blackjack antes will hopefully be gone shortly.

Even Game with counting? The native casinos got their a little bit before then as part of the legislation that allows the lottery. Video poker that is not bingo-based was one of games that Remington Park was allowed to have.

The payout is less than the Native casinos that also have video poker. The payout at Remington is 8 for full house and 5 for flush for Double Bonus Video Poker, the game that most experts say you can gain an advantage against. The payout on the same game at Lucky Star in Concho is 9 for a fullhouse and 6 for a flush. As of mid-December Lucky Star had 45? Stay away from Remington Park.

Video Poker, Poker, Blackjack although there is that fifty-cent ante , lottery, pari-mutuel gambling, 3 and 4 card poker are in Oklahoma. Bingo continues to be played but it's not as popular as it was before the lottery was passed.

The main games that are missing are craps, roulette, sports gambling and slot machines not based on bingo. Also a player only needs to be 18 or over to legally gamble in Oklahoma. I play blackjack in Oklahoma. I agree that one must bet larger amounts to offset the fifty-cent ante. I try to employ the wong halves system and it has paid off. I am not proficient enough to keep an exact count at all times.

I can usually stay within 1. How much do you guys think that not knowing the exact count hurts me? After all even the most proficient card-counter never has an exact idea of what the count is due to the fact that two-three cards are burned at the beginning of the shoe. The fifty-cent ante does not hurt Lucky Star much, their tables are full on Friday-Saturday nights, until in the morning, sometimes all night. It is tough to find a place to play on those nights. My brother and several others I know work there and they tell me if someone has pumped alot of money into a machine without winning.

NDN21 , Feb 10, Oklahoma Bj It's the only game in town. I also play at Sandia in Albuquerque fairly often, three-four times a year. I win sometimes at the OKlahoma casinos but I do realize that my winnings would be much higher if it weren't for the ante. But it's the only game in town and I cannot travel outside of the state enough to play. Now I know to stay away from the ante which takes money away from you unnessarily but what about tips to the dealer which also take money away from you unneccessarily.

I wait until the end of the session to tip. If I am ahead I tip a couple of dollars and if I am behind I just leave. Doesn't that decrease your edge also? What about not having an exact running count at all times? I can usually keep on track but sometimes I get off by a card which would put me off by 1. How much does that hurt me? Any info would be appreciated.

The ante destroys your edge from counting. You'd be better off playing a game that pays BJ as 6: Don't bother trying to make money from those tables, you can't.

Especially if you can't keep an accurate count! Good for a Rainy Day. Good for Big Groups. Choctaw Casino Resort Durant. Movie Theaters , Casinos. Downstream Casino Resort Quapaw. River Bend Casino Wyandotte. The Artesian Hotel Casino Sulphur. River Spirit Casino Resort Tulsa. Remington Park Oklahoma City. Horse Tracks , Casinos. Oklahoma Tourism and Recreation Department. As featured in Miami. Treasure Valley Casino Davis. Firelake Grand Casino Shawnee Provided by: As featured in Shawnee. Will Rogers Downs Claremore.

Cherokee Casino Roland Roland. Cherokee Casino Sallisaw Sallisaw.

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