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At that time, the Mississippi casinos were competing for business and there were weekly blackjack tournaments literally every night of the week at the various casinos. The overall goal is to acquire more chips than both the players and the dealer. I usually discourage tournament players from counting because the benefit is small compared to the other things you can focus on. If you are betting before your opponent, try to guess what she or he might be betting when it is their turn. Contrary to some opinions, my advice is to double down or split if Basic Strategy calls for it. An important thing to note is that each Blackjack Tournament has its own rules and pre-determined amount of rounds. At first glance, the above tournament skills may seem daunting.

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There is a time though when it is necessary to bet big and usually the best strategy is to wait until the end or when it is essential to catch up with players who are getting too big of a lead. Another scenario, not too unusual either, is actually winning the game by not even playing! It is possible that loose players who make giant wagers may go bust and lose their entire bankroll competing against each other when the dealer gets a natural blackjack.

By default, you could possibly be declared the winner of a round just by playing it safe, staying under the radar and not betting so much at the beginning. Making large bets and winning can certainly almost guarantee that a player will win in a particular round, but statistics show that these players do not win as often and tend to lose more frequently in tournaments. The strategy above is somewhat obvious and tends to work well against inexperienced players but it has been duplicated and has become popular.

It doesn't work so well against the experienced players. You need to come up with a new strategy when everyone at the table starts betting small in order to get the edge over other players. In this case, a player with an early lead will tend to have better odds.

To do this, a player should make a larger wager than possible early in the game and then revert to the previous strategy for the remaining bulk of the round. Don't stray from the conservative strategy when other players start making huge wagers though as most of the time these players will eventually take a hit. The best strategy is to use a combination of the two main ideas of conservative and aggressive betting along with risk management.

This ensures that you can be good against a table of high stakes bettors and players making tiny bets. You still want to limit your large bets unless an opportunity presents itself. You also need to factor in where the button is in order to figure out when the best times to make large bets are. After the button passes your seated position, you will have the advantage of watching what everyone else does before making your own wager.

The button position is of strategic importance and ties in directly with management of risk and efficiency. You will then be able to bet only the maximum sized amount without risking more than you need. If you are forced to be the first person to bet, you can't see what everyone else is betting and you just have to make an ambiguous bet without any other information about what the other players will do. That is another reason why it is good to make small safe bets when the button is in this position and make larger bets when the button first passes your spot.

There are a few alternatives you may have to implement if you are in last place and the rest of the players have a huge lead. Then you may be forced to become more aggressive in your betting tactics. If you happen to be in first place as the chip leader, it is always best to stay just slightly ahead of them but not to make the minimum bets. In fact, it is best to make bets in similar size to your opponents.

Since outcome of the hand is very similar, you will likely win and lose just as often, but this will still ensure a small lead over them. Making the minimum bet allows many chances for your competitors to take the lead.

If this happens, they could start taking advantage of similar bet sizes to your own and always staying ahead. The next part of the strategy includes what sized bets you should be placing. There are generally three main types of bets: First you need to understand that you will likely win just as many times as you lose, but losses will happen slightly more often. So if you make medium sized bets all the time, you will likely not get that far and will usually lose. The best betting strategy is combining mostly small bets with large ones.

It is good to make many small bets in case you lose and then make very large bets at the best opportunities. Medium sized bets are usually reserved for players in the lead and they are used as a margin against similarly sized bets from your competitor in order to keep that minimum lead without risking any more money that is necessary.

A last note of advice is when doing very large bets. When making a large bet, keep track of how many chips you would have left if you did happen to lose the bet. If the remaining chips is not enough to actually make a comeback, then it is better to just bet everything. You will make mistakes in casino tournaments. See if there was a better way.

After awhile you may find that "coulda-shoulda-woulda" is more fun than what really happened at the table. Have a plan for your next casino blackjack tournament.

Good results will follow. Yama is a professional casino tournament player who is widely regarded by tournament pros as one of the handful of top tournament players in the world. Here are some simplified strategies or ideas for playing at Las Vegas Hilton with an eye toward reaching the finals: Casino Tournament Tips for Beginners The less tournament experience you have, the more aggressively you should bet.

In the first half of a round, betting slightly more or less will have no strategic importance. When trying to catch up with your opponent: Contrary to some opinions, my advice is to double down or split if Basic Strategy calls for it.

Bet big when your opponents bet small. It is twice as easy to win a maximum bet two times in a row than it is to wait until the last hand and get a swing you win and your opponent lose versus just one player.

The last few hands are most important. Try to position yourself going into the last hand of a round. To get there you have to plan and succeed in the hand leading up to it. Try to be in the lead or in the top two places in a qualifying round going into the last hand of a round with a lead within the following ranges: Having any lead is often as good as having a big lead.

Have a lead of more than half of the maximum bet. Have a lead of more than the maximum bet. Trailing by less than maximum bet. Most of the time it will not matter by how much exactly you are leading or trailing as long as it is within the striking range. The "double down" is one of the most powerful techniques you can use.

When you double down regardless of what cards you have, or if you split a pair and play optimally, you will win one-third of your hands! If losing your bet takes you out of contention, then bet the maximum. If losing your bet would take you out of contention and you plan on drawing only one card, then double down.

When trailing, try to intersect ranges to determine your bet: The smallest winning bet that gets you ahead of your main opponent if your opponent also wins. If you are betting before your opponent, try to guess what she or he might be betting when it is their turn. The smallest bet, which when doubled, gets you ahead of your main opponent if your opponent also wins. Generally, when leading and there are two or fewer opponents and you bet first, bet less then your lead. When leading and there are more than two opponents, bet slightly more then the bigger bet of the two: The maximum bet minus half your lead over the next player.

When you need to swing your opponent, then draw to at least 18 and two points more then your opponent has. When you need to gain on your opponent you win, while she or he pushes, or you push while she or he loses , draw to at least 17 and one point more then your opponent has.

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