"casino" in Spanish

We've combined the most accurate English to Spanish translations, dictionary, verb conjugations, and Spanish to English translators into one very powerful search box. No necesitaremos zapatos en mi casino. Volviendo a su experiencia en el negocio de los seguros, usted dijo que si se asegura un [ Have you ever met [ Log in Sign up.

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"casino" translation into Spanish

En nuestro casino aceptamos todo tipo de jugadores. In our casino we cater to all types of players. La palabra casino conlleva para muchas personas grandes emociones. The word casino evokes in many people a lot of emotions. Some masseur is tearing up the gambling house. Download the full Ladbrokes experience with our free casino software. Entrada gratuita al casino de Portoroz. Estoy muy comprometido con el casino. You rushed into that casino while we were busy arguing. Y los gaurdias del casino cargaban contra nosotros.

And the guards at the casino were charging on us. You must go with me to the casino too. Soy coordinador especial del casino eventos. I'm the casino's special events coordinator. No necesitaremos zapatos en mi casino. We won't need shoes in my casino. El estacionamiento valet del casino. There, lower parking at the casino up ahead. He was never absent from the casino Mire como esta administrando su casino. See how you manage your books of the casino.

You can find him at the casino restaurant. Tengo cuatro seminarios en el casino. I've got four seminars at the casino. Context sentences Context sentences for "casino" in Spanish These sentences come from external sources and may not be accurate. English Amendments Nos 19 and 20 deal with identification requirements for casino customers.

English What about banks engaging in casino -type transactions? English There is talk of playgrounds, an aqua park and a conference centre but nothing about a mega- casino. English Guy Verhofstadt spoke just now about casino games. English SK Slovakia is under threat from the construction of a mega- casino misleadingly called the Metropolis. English I have 26 years of show business experience performing all over the world and at nearly every major casino in Las.

English Another positive development is Edmond Ho Hau-Wah's stated intention of breaking up the casino monopoly and aiming to create an Asian equivalent of Atlantic City. English cashbox cashew cashew nut cashier cashier's office cashless cashmere cashpoint casing casing nail casino cask casket caspofungin acetate cassaba cassation cassava casserole casserole containing chickpeas and corn casserole of fattened hen cassette Even more translations in the Swahili-English dictionary by bab.

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