Marketing Strategies For Online Casino Promotion. Practical Recommendations

For example, there are such social networks for casino players as Casino. They're effective, and the science is in working out which brings most players to the casino. Promote the most exciting games in your opinion There's no point in pushing an online casino game you don't know or understand. You can withdraw this consent in settings. For instance, they noted that better modeling of customer behavior might help hotel managers to more intelligently market the use of mini-bars or business centers, or allow car-rental firms to target extra-cost products like GPS units or satellite radios. Regular publications of news and press releases on popular gaming information resources and casino website are another important tool of casino marketing strategy.

The Best Casino Marketing Ideas in 2015

Social Media Marketing

Whereas hitting your customer with an email newsletter at 7pm on Friday will generally not work quite well. When working in online marketing — in particular search marketing — these rules get a little bit trickier.

Often, the flick of an algorithmic switch somewhere in Google HQ will render a tactic that worked last week as useless this week. Strategies you implement in January could possibly get you penalised in June. The goal posts keep shifting a little — which keeps you on your best behaviour, weeds out the dodgy competition as well as keeping you on your toes all the time.

If you compare western online marketing as changing the goal posts occasionally, then China online marketing is more akin to changing the entire game.

Kind of like being an ice hockey player and showing up for a game, only to discover your team now plays football instead… and no body told you about it. Your target market is completely different, you need to consider hundreds of completely different elements than you would normally encounter for a western campaign.

To make matters worse, there is generally no official rulebook as to what exactly these regulations are. The Macau location was no doubt set up to capitalise on the growing affluent Chinese demographic visiting abroad that desire gambling and casino services. Yep, rich Chinese travellers are a big target market for casinos and gambling providers world wide — and Macau is the Asian equivalent of Las Vegas.

But here in-lies a problem: The ever-growing affluent Chinese demographic is the key target market, yet advertising of casinos and gambling is strictly forbidden within China except for the state run lottery — which donates funds to charity.

You literally cannot mention words like casino, gambling, poker, blackjack, roulette etc. But gaming customers are very different in one major respect.

Can casino owners more accurately identify and predict which of their regular customers will lose the most money? How often will these customers visit?

How will they allocate their bets among slots and tables? By targeting those players, can casinos follow up with a more effective direct marketing campaign? Hui, a marketing professor at Stern — say that the answer is an unqualified yes. In addition, the team looked at ways that demographics could provide casino owners with valuable marketing insights. The data suggested, for example, that women devote more of their spending to slot machines than to table games like blackjack, and that men have a higher level of skill at the gaming tables than women.

Iyengar and Eliashberg suggested that more useful information could have been gathered if they had been given more specific demographic data. While the characteristics they studied are fairly unique to the gaming industry, the authors said there are other business situations in which customers can be identified and targeted based on their specific skills or unusual customer behavior.

If it is advertising a product, it will shape its whole issue around that product, with associated articles, meaning everything feels like an integrated experience. Do the same on your website, and you will keep the focus on the affiliate programs you are doing such a great job of promoting.

Let's row this back a bit. Do your users already play online casino games? If not, why not? Encourage them, make them think about taking the opportunity to click on one of your links and becoming a winner in your chosen casino. It's not just about the hard sell; make sure your users are informed of casino strategy, and how to find ways of winning. This will breed confidence in them that they can get a return on the games.

Make sure you have a constantly-updating knowledge of the best games coming out from all developers for online casinos. The likes of Playtech and Betsoft produce a regular stream of well-animated and graphically-superb online games, each of which can give you new casino marketing ideas, by looking at its theme. There are many other developers who also do this. Promote their new games on your casino, when they come out, and you are sure to turn heads with your post.

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Be clear about how much people can bet with It's important to be transparent when promoting an online casino. Promote bonuses and free plays Promotions are offered by casinos for a reason - to get people playing their online games. Say how much they can win If your users are gamers of any kind, they will respect and value a big win. Promote the most exciting games in your opinion There's no point in pushing an online casino game you don't know or understand.

Actually play online casinos to understand them This goes hand-in-hand with point 4. Use keywords with care You are, of course, free to use SEO keywords to attract more people to your site - in fact, it's something we would recommend you do.

Use a good landing page Your landing page is the first thing users see when they hit your website. An affiliate platform made for you.

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