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Taking an adult driver education course is the easiest way to get your Texas drivers license. Our current class times are posted here. If you need further assistance please contact us by email at comedydriving comedydriving. The six hours of training our online course provides helps adults prepare for the final exam in our course, which is actually the written drivers license exam. Self-paced online course that includes the DPS written test online.

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Texas Adult Drivers Education Course

Our current class times are posted here. Payment for the class Cash, Check, or Credit Card. Taking the course online is even easier, you can sign up online right here on our website. The course only requires a high-speed internet connection to stream the course material. Our online course is composed of humorous animations and includes audio and video at no extra charge.

Which means your certificate of completion is processed the same day of completion and takes only days to receive in the mail. If you need faster delivery, we offer next business day shipping for an additional fee. Some courts require you to get a driving record to turn in with your certificate.

Here at Comedy Driving, we also process driving records through the state and can have them emailed to you within a few hours. We can even print and include the driving record with your certificate if you prefer that method. The defensive driving dismissal process can be overwhelming sometimes and maybe you have some questions that are not addressed here. If you need further assistance please contact us by email at comedydriving comedydriving.

We have an excellent customer service staff team waiting to help you. View all posts by Website Google Plus. Hover or click the text box below. Cities , Texas Approved , texas cities.

Tomball, Texas is a city that keeps growing and that means more people and more traffic. If the student knows how to drive and is ready, they can schedule their road test with their local DPS office. Most DPS offices can setup the road test within a week. If a student is not ready to take the road test, they can apply for their Texas drivers permit, where the student can legally practice driving with a licensed adult until they are ready to take the final road test.

Concerned about the driving test? What if you could have an inside look at how a DPS Officer conducts an actual driving road test? Our 6 hour Adult driving course features a bonus video interview with a 20 year veteran DPS officer that conducted road tests for many years. In this bonus video, the DPS Officer takes the student through the entire road test and shares incredible tips for how to prepare and what to expect.

This bonus video is only available through our 6 hour drivers education course for adults. Our 6 hour drivers education course is the quickest and easiest way to get your Texas drivers license. Have questions about this course? After enrolling, please revisit this page and click on any of the social media buttons below to let your friends and family know that you have begun your journey to getting your Texas drivers license.

Your friends and family will be excited for you and give you encouragement during the course! Begin the course immediately if your schedule permits. Complete the six hours of online interactive training modules. Take the DPS written exam online. Bring certificate and documents to your local DPS office.

Receive your Texas learners permit, or schedule road test for your Texas Drivers license. Texas Driving Road Test Concerned about the driving test? Six hour online Adult Drivers Ed course with nine modules using audio, text, graphics and video to make it fun! Verification is built into our online enrollment. Mandatory for year olds, convenient for adults over 25 and new to state drivers.

Bonus video gives you an inside advantage to the DPS driving test.

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