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Sorry to bump my own thread. Unless, as you say, you're somehow excluded by the processor, which I've never heard of before. Greigssy , May 12, There are also several progressive jackpots on slots up for grabs at Platinum Play, including the Mega Moolah, King Cashalot, and Major Millions jackpots. We constantly update our blacklisted page because not all blacklisted casinos stay blacklisted forever.

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D list, Sunny Group. A number of reports have been coming through testifying to dirty and underhanded tricks at Oddsmaker. Casino Jones wants to disconnect you from any suspicious activity. A crucial element in identifying reliable online casinos is the correct kind of licensing. Having no reliable license essentially gives them free reign to do anything with your money with no ethical reference point.

Orange Gamez Casino … Orange you going to play it safe? Take a few unpaid withdrawal requests, and combine it with a no-response answer from the casino support staff and voila…you have Orangegamez. Not exactly a recipe for success. Class1Casino … not exactly first class. Some disgruntled patrons report an unfair confiscation of winnings. Some people work more while others drink or take drugs or invest time in doing sports etc… However, that is up to you to analyze your reasons for gambling on decide what you want to do.

I think the only way to be able to get back into the casinos would be to move and to change your bank details. Chron , May 12, Thanks but hold on Its not as bad as it sounds, the bad patch i had cant happen again lets just say its impossible. At the time I just wanted to break up the routine of sitting at home on a casino just to pass the time and as i found out if u play too much you end up losing in the end,and it was only microgaming casinos was addicted to these, mostly as are the best to play.

Tomb raider 2 was the biggest culprit of my problems lost alot of money chasing that last reel to lo light up for the sword bonus,it became addictive! As for my portfolio Iam registered at dash,ladbrokes,32red,intercasino,jackpot party,omni,betfred,victorchandler,paddy power,bluesquare,bet,williamhill,virgin and few more and could have or could play anytime i want ,but hardly did or do. I have a particular favourite then i play at that, sometimes i like a change and like everyone else I try elsewhere.

I just wanted to try Go wild i like there bonus offers and setup so thus just wanna get that self exclusion removed it is in no way needed. I have no deposit limits,when i said limits of deposits, i meant my own limits in my head,i get to a losing limit,i stop and then thats me for the week! I think you will have a hard time getting your self imposed ban lifted when you told them yourself that you had a gambling problem.

I don't know if it is a processor ban or what it is, but if you manage to deposit with 32 Red and Ladbrokes you are playing at the two best Microgaming casinos out there.

The grass isn't always greener at the other side of the fence. Pulver , May 13, Thanks for the concerns but this was along time ago i done this and have been able to play on casinos and gamble when i wanted ever since. It was only a blip when i first got introduced to online casinos, I was winning big in my first plays at slots.

The only time i gambled before then was pub fruities and was nieve to think like a pub fruitie the more money i was putting in I was sure to get a big payout! I learned my lesson very quickly and decided to keep a lid on it by having a self exclusion for a period of time of my own choice and defo didnt ask for a life one. But the point of me starting the thread, I was to know who Iam blacklisted with or who do i contact to get this removed.

I just wanted to be fully honest of why i got in this position in the first place and thats why i gave the full story. Greigssy , May 13, Thanks but i dont think this blacklist is a microgaming thing, as have always been able to deposit and withdraw at ladbrokes and probably 32red ever since i asked for self exclusion.

I think its the payments processor I may be blacklisted with at the rest of the casinos as can log into any microgaming casino i want just cant deposit in any way,and support cant tell me why.

I just dunno how you contact the payments processor! Maybe I will just give up seems alot of hassle when 32red has biggest rtp anyway. I use paypal at the uk type casinos but mostly my debit card. Have tried using entropay just out of interest but still couldnt deposit.

Have noticed in the past most casinos use proc-cyber to process their payments,think its the same company as data-cash. Dont know if they are related to microgaming in any way. It seems to me that if it was an exclusion type of scenario they wouldn't let you open and keep open a real play account, would they? Unless, as you say, you're somehow excluded by the processor, which I've never heard of before. Although I've lived a sheltered life so what do I know? But I'd check with one of the individual casinos and find out.

Go Wild has pretty helpful chat reps, I'd ask them what's up. Of course I declined this. The reason I self excluded from Roxy was due to having just hit a big win at Tombraider and this was to stop temptation to log back in and start spending it again.

Once I explained this, they were fine and the exclusion only affected my ability to play at Roxy. Which incidentally I am still self excluded from LOL. Would have been a nightmare for me if this applied to all eCogra accredited casinos. I wouldn't be able to do my job.

LOL I have not come across a blanket ban at processor level though. Webzcas , May 14, I have never tried to self-exclude myself from casinos.

SlotMonster , May 14, This does look like a processor level block, rather than a list the casinos use. The casino CS were unable to find out WHY the OP couldn't deposit, and this is hardly a system that is fit for purpose, because the casino would then try to fix the problem by helping the problem gambler find a means to deposit that DOES work, whereas they should be aware that this is a player who should NOT be playing.

Paypal goes direct, so this is NOT blocked by a processor level blacklist, whereas debit cards and eco card have to go through a card processor, and this is where they seem to be getting blocked.

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