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Early surrender is much better because you can still save half your bet when the dealer does have blackjack. Frequently asked questions about free blackjack, Interviews, free blackjack the myths and legends, how to choose the best seat at the table, winning a blackjack tournament, free blackjack player profiles and last but not least, more strategy guide. As mentioned earlier, it is certainly not an unusual occurrence for a casino to close up shop and refuse customers access to their funds. It seems to me that it takes a lot longer to win X number of chips that to lose the same amount I only play blackjack. Always take Even Money on a blackjack hand when the dealer up card is an Ace.

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I play occasionally with a group of players who love poker but occasionally want to play BJ to vary the evenings proceedings. Most of them would be beginners in terms of strategy and probability awareness. What would be a fair set of rules you would recommend so that BJ becomes a fair game or as close as possible for both players and whoever takes the bank?

It would depend on the specific skill factor of the players. Without knowing that, but assuming the skill level is equal among players, I would have the bank option rotate from player to player. I realize that decisions per hour in games like blackjack and craps can depend heavily on factors like the number of other players at the table, the hand shuffle vs.

Still, I was curious if you could give me a rough approximation of how many decisions per hour an individual can expect at a mostly-full craps table and a blackjack table with both a hand shuffle and machine shuffle. This would help me estimate my expected loss per hour and weigh it against the comps I am being offered. Hands per Hour in Blackjack Players Hands per hour 1 2 3 4 84 5 70 6 60 7 Rolls per Hour in Craps Players Rolls per hour 1 3 5 7 9 11 Spins per Hour in Roulette Players Spins per hour 1 2 76 3 60 4 55 5 48 6 Assuming you lost exactly that amount per hand it would take , hands.

To make an educated guess I would say about , hands. At 60 hands per hour this would be hours, or two and a half years of full-time play. Great site keep up the excellent work. If i bet 10 dollars I would like my original 10 back plus the 10 I bet. I belives the craps pass line would be the best bet to do this. I dont mind going down a little money if I have to, but I would expect to get positive at least the amount of my original bet sometime before the end of the shoe or game.

Is craps the answer Thanks for your time and effort. If your goal is to win just one unit I agree craps is the best place to start. However if you lose your first bet I would switch to blackjack. Only when exactly where you started would I go back to craps. I have a combination of a dear abby and an odds question. He insists that that "bad" player is hurting his odds. I told him that mathematically, his odds are the exact same whether he plays at a table of people who never hit, a table of people who never stay, or a table of people playing perfect basic strategy.

Should I even continue to try? Your coworker sounds hopeless. As I have said before, the more ridiculous a notion is the more tenaciously it tends to be held. I had a blackjack and the dealer paid me. Then at the end of the deal he turned his cards over and he discovered he had a blackjack. He forgot to check his hand before paying me. The supervisors wanted me to return the winnings. Seems I remember these scenario from a book on blackjack. I say you should have returned the winnings.

I have never seen this addressed in any book. However, is a book really required? That is what you have a conscience for. You were asked to make things right, it is the right thing to do so. I just ran across your detailed list of Las Vegas Blackjack tables and their edges, so I was wondering: Suppose that there two BJ tables, one with an edge of 0. Is there any advantage to choose one table over the other?

To answer this question you first have to ask yourself why you are gambling in the first place. My friends and I are planning a weekend trip to Las Vegas. I was curious what games you thought I should play? Thanks so much, your web site is fantastic.

Thanks for the kind words. The three games where you can get the house edge under 0. Of the three I would recommend blackjack. How much would it increase the house edge if the player took insurance every time in blackjack? The house edge on insurance is 7. However, this is applied to half a bet size. So the house edge would go up by 0. I believe it does because the deeper you get into the shoe, the greater the absolute value of the count will tend to get, which should trigger count-based strategy changes.

In a non-cut-card game, the house advantage is always the same for the non-counter. Clumps of high or low cards are just as likely to appear at the beginning of the shoe, as the middle, as the end.

You seem to be suggesting that the cards are more clumpy at the end of the deck. However, if that were true, then the odds would change if the dealer dealt the cards in reverse order. Surely that is a ridiculous notion. If the count were high, standing would be the right play, resulting in what would look like an error to a counter who was watching.

However, if the count were negative then hitting would be all the better. In the end, it averages out, for the basic strategy player. For reasons I explain in my blackjack appendix 10 , the basic strategy player should prefer a game with a continuous shuffler, if his goal is to minimize the house edge.

Aside from that, the house edge is not affected by penetration. I should add that with a shallower penetration there will be more time spent shuffling, and thus a lower expected loss on an hourly basis. Let's look at the data first. All years are based on the fourth quarter except , which is based on the third quarter, because at the time of this writing, the fourth quarter was not yet available. Sports, racing, bingo, and keno are not included. The next table shows the percentage of the total table game market for each game for and Note how 21 is the biggest loser, going from Market Share Comparison Game 21 This begs the question of why blackjack is losing market share.

Here are what I think are the main reasons:. Popularity of poker-based games is causing some players to switch. The rules are getting worse. All casino games have a natural lifespan, and blackjack is getting more grey. This question was raised and discussed in the forum of my companion site Wizard of Vegas. Some Playtech blackjack games have a ten-card Charlie rule. What is the value of that? For the benefit of other readers, a "ten-card Charlie" rule means that if the player gets to ten cards, without busting, then it is an automatic winner.

According to my simulation, the probability of the player getting to at least ten cards is 1 in 60 million. So, it lowers the house edge by about 0. At the Spielbank Bad Homburg casino, near Frankfurt Germany, they have a special card in their blackjack game. This card is an ace and replaces one of the regular aces in a six-deck shoe. The card features the image of the casino founder Francois Blanc. If the player gets a blackjack including this card it pays 3 to 1 instead of the usual 3 to 2.

It is also an automatic winner for the player, but an ordinary blackjack for the dealer. Six decks are used. How does this rule affect the house edge?

I show the combined value of these rules is worth 0. The blackjack rules they follow, which seem to be standard at all Speilbank casinos, are: Dealer stands on soft No dealer hole card. Double on 9 to 11 only. Double after split allowed. Re-split any pair, including aces, up to four hands.

Using my blackjack house edge calculator , I get a house edge before the Francois Blanc card of 0. The Francois Blanc card rule lowers the house to 0. For how to play under these rules, please visit my European basic strategy. What is the house edge on this awful set of blackjack rules, known as "Party Blackjack" at the Adelaide casino:. Those rules are so bad that the hair on the back of my neck stood up reading them. Using my blackjack house edge calculator , I get a house edge of 2.

I'm assuming a continuous shuffler is used and the player can re-split to four hands. The no hole card rule costs the player another 0. However, the most offensive rule is the push 22, which costs the player 6. The bottom line is a house edge of 9.

That is simply an abomination to the game. I invite my readers to let me know if there is a worse set of blackjack rules out there somewhere. Harrah's in Philadelphia is paying the following bonuses in blackjack: Can you tell me the value of this promotion? The following table shows the probability of each event.

The probability for the five-card 21 should be considered a bit rough. I know of a blackjack machine where, through a bug, the player can get back a losing insurance bet.

The rules are eight decks, blackjack pays 3 to 2, dealer hits a soft 17, double after split allowed, no surrender, and no re-splitting. What is the house edge of this game if I get back every losing insurance bet? This bug is equivalent to getting an extra unit every time the dealer has a blackjack with an ace up.

That will happen 2. The house edge would be 0. With it, the player advantage is 2. For further discussion on this question, please see my forum at Wizard of Vegas. The rules of the game are as follows:. Six decks in a continuous shuffler with an additional 18 jokers with a face value of 2. Dealer hits soft Double on any first 2 cards. Re-split up to four hands.

No drawing to or re-splitting aces. Blackjack pays 6 to 5. If the player's first two cards are jokers, then he gets a 4 to 1 bonus. If the player's first two cards are suited aces, then he gets a 5 to 1 bonus.

All things considered, I show a house edge of 6. It goes to show why I would stay away from player-banked games in California, unless you're the one banking. This question is raised and discussed in my forum at Wizard of Vegas. I saw the following rules on a bar-top blackjack machine at Binion's in Las Vegas: Single deck, dealer stands on soft 17, blackjack pays even money, both player and dealer must stand on six cards, and no doubling or splitting.

What is the house edge on this awful set of rules? This does not factor in the rule about standing on six cards, which I figure cuts roughly equally both ways. Unfortunately, bar-tops elsewhere have this same set of terrible rules. This question is asked and discussed in my forum at Wizard of Vegas. Wizard of Odds uses cookies, this enables us to provide you with a personalised experience. More Info Got It! Enter your email address below to subscribe to our weekly newsletter along with other special announcements from The Wizard of Odds!

The Wizard of Odds. Blackjack - General Questions Are there any casinos in Vegas besides Mandalay Bay where the dealer stands on a soft 17? How does the house have the advantage in Blackjack? Rob The dealer has the advantage because the player has to go first. Vinnie from Tulsa If you play long enough, the only results you will see is that you will lose all your money. Eddie from New Orleans, Louisiana Assuming that the dealer has a 10 in the hole is just a memory device, it has nothing to do with the way the basic strategy was constructed.

Nathan from University, Mississippi Good question. Mike Castelluccio from Lafayette, U. Chris from Gaithersburg, Maryland What you have experienced is likely the result of some very bad losing streaks.

The site features thirty blackjack variants, and you can use all of them to practice blackjack online for free. If you don't have an account at Jackpot City, click on the game you want to play to get one for free. No deposit or credit card required. You need to become very good at the basic version of the game before you can risk your money on a lesser-known variant. Visit this page to sign up for a free account and click on the "Play Now" button. Once your account is set, log in with your username and password and click on "Blackjack" to access the online blackjack section.

Click on "More Games" and scroll down until you see the Classic Blackjack variant appear on the screen. That's why this is a great opportunity for you. At Jackpot City you get a larger-than-life bankroll to practice and learn how to play blackjack online so that you can turn your real money games into profit. The only way to practice online blackjack and become a winning player is to take things seriously. I am not going through the basics of the game here.

If you are not percent sure about the way this game works, please refer to this page about the rules of blackjack. The first step to get the most out of your bankroll is to read this article about the best blackjack strategy and put everything into practice.

This extensive guide on the best online casinos for real money blackjack covers everything you need to know from variety of games to payout conditions of the best online casinos on the market.

You don't need to become a play money millionaire, so you don't need to use any sophisticated betting strategies. In the game's jargon, this is called Flat Betting. Pro players don't like it - but we are not here to become play money pros. Always Hit if you have less than nine points. You are not going to win with a nine-point hand, so go ahead and ask the dealer to give you at least one more card.

Always Stand from 17 or more. Use the Basic Strategy Chart. Look at the chart below and use it to decide the way to play your hand of blackjack. The best way to practice online blackjack is to adhere to this chart for at least one full hour of play.

Not only because you need to make sure you know what's the best way to play every single hand of blackjack, but because I am going to give you an exercise to practice even more. Did you go back to the chart to understand whether you should split 99 vs.

The only way to learn the basic strategy of blackjack is to know what are your most common mistakes and use your free practice sessions to correct them. To prove that you have learned the basics, I want you to download my empty version of the basic strategy chart and populate every cell with:. If it took you more than 15 minutes to complete the chart or if you did not guess more than 75 percent of the correct answers - you are not ready to play for real money.

If you got more than 75 percent of correct answers in 15 minutes or less, you are ready to hit the strategy videos on YouTube. If you watch blackjack strategy videos before you know everything about the basic strategy and you have practiced online - you are likely to follow some terrible advice. Now that you completed your journey through all the stages, it's time to move to real money play. Since you practiced online blackjack at the Classic Blackjack table, you want to choose this very specific variant of the game for your first real money games.

Once at the tables, always choose limits you can afford, follow the basic principles of bankroll management, and don't play if you feel tired. The No-Nonsense Guide to Managing Your Bankroll If you are new to casino gambling, make sure you know how to manage your bankroll before you sit at the table to play.

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