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Optional side bets include the Board Bonus, with payoffs on pairs or better among the three community cards; the Pocket Bonus, which pays on a pair or better in your two cards, and the Lo Ball bet, with payoffs when you have no pairs and a high card from 7 through jack.

An easy-to-play game, Three Card Draw Poker gives the players the option of discarding a card from their original three, then drawing a card to complete a three-card hand.

At the start of play, you must make an ante and have the option of making a First Three Bonus bet. You then receive three cards, while the dealer receives four. After you look at your cards, you have three options. You can fold, and forfeit your ante. You can make an In to Win bet equal to your ante and stand on your first three cards, or you can discard a card and make a Draw Bet equal to your ante to receive an extra card. After all bets are made, the hand is decided by the higher-ranking poker hands, using three-card rankings where straights outrank flushes.

Bonus payoffs are even money on a straight, on three of a kind , on a straight flush and on a mini-royal. The First Three Bonus bet pays even money on any pair, on a flush , on a straight, on three of a kind, on a straight flush and on a mini-royal. Look for John Grochowski on Facebook http: This article is provided by the Frank Scoblete Network. Kaplan is the network's managing editor. If you would like to use this article on your website, please contact Casino City Press , the exclusive web syndication outlet for the Frank Scoblete Network.

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It can be played on the PC and also works seamlessly with a mobile tablet or smartphone. Gtbets has a pretty sweet setup and easy to use the interface.

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Driv- ers say it keeps their engines humming— makes them sweet- running and powerful. The smooth performance of your engine will assure you the utmost motoring pleasure in every mile. I spent more time swatting pests ,han I did socking the ball. I tried all k. But nothing seemed to help. You simply rub it on— and k. What was more im- portant, in many German states. Ba- laria particularly, the Nazis had not vet been able to take over the govern- ment. I decided to inform Held im- mediately.

Not by tele- phone and telegraph-they were too closelv guarded. It was eleven a. An hour 'later my son took a plane for Munich. He explained to Jundt that they must ha't. But ,he wall was thin. Surprised, he stepped oloteMo the door. And he was saying: We are be- tr. Many of our deadli- est enemies were already among us. Wheu the Nazis held then- iirstmeeting of the tirm's employees ,n the middle of April, the party nieml, r- had a large majority.

One ,lav he appeared in a resplendent Stoi m 'rLpe. He became a spy, and he or- ganized a system of spying throughout the firm. Whenever I made a telephone ri U I heard a faint click that indicated a second phone was being pitched on to mv line.

It was Herr Kapeller who was having my phone conversations tapped. Whenever 1 en- tered or left my room. I noticed a man in the corridor, taking notes. I on- fronted him. He admitted that he was posted there to note the mimes of al my visitors. Who had posted him? I might extend a description of sue- incidents over hundreds of paues. All of us had spent twenty years and more in the company, believing that we were among friends.

We suffered terrible il. But we were deceived in another fashion also. Many whom we scarcely knew proved themselves, in this critical hour, decent, None of us thought to see demonstrations ot loy- alty at this time.

Such gestures would have cost those who dared to make them their jobs and very likely their freedom.

And yet there were many who came up to me and ray brothers when we were momentarily safe from obser- vation, quickly whispering, " Herr I II- steiu, I think all this is ternble.

He was-to K ive him h-s title— the sole director of all the UU- stein newspa P ers. He had come to us long before the war as a yountr edit or "I commercial journals, buter on. By then he was a millionaire many times over and h. We UUstein brothers felt that we could depend on Aluller. We no longer knew what was jroiiiR on. This itniorance "e P m'? Sim'f Hit- ler bad become Hnch.

Some time More, our pohtn aU. Now a man named Doctor Stiultler came to us "ml appbecl for tlu- position, claiming that he wns in Hit- ler's good graces and would certainly l,e able to save the ftrm if he were made political adviser. We had no way of finding out just how the stood with Hitler.

Ho was bac-k in two hours. It is possible that some ,,. However thai may ho tho reuson wus. Hitler could have us Lrrested ur shot any tune he chose Xo,u. For economy and full enjoy- ment, buy qualify tea.

Continued from Page 36 value of a publishing firm naturally decreases greatly. We knew that very well. And Goebbels knew it too. In the next few days we searched desperately for someone who could raise such enor- mous sums, and who would at the same time be acceptable to the government. But everyone who had money was getting it out of Germany.

And Goeb- bels dropped hints everywhere that he might have to ban some of our publica- tions very soon. Finally, after a week of preliminary negotiations, we had a conference with representatives of a semiofficial bureau which was to nego- tiate the "sale" of our property. These gentlemen declared they had a pur- chaser acceptable to the government and able to carry on the entire enter- prise. We asked who it was. The gentle- men shook their heads. The ridiculous part of these negotia- tions was that all the forms were pre- served.

We always spoke of a "sale. They acted as if this were a per- fectly normal transaction. And yet it was no more nor less than pure theft. The representatives shook heir heads politely. It had not been put in black and white, but the gentlemen who had made the deal had made it quite clear that no member of the Ullstein family was ever again to set foot in the Ull- stein Building. Accordingly, after the contracts were signed, we went to pack our personal possessions and bid fare- well to the place.

The Hand of Hitler While I opened the drawers of my desk and removed trifles that I wanted to keep, I kept asking myself over and over: Who is the purchaser?

It really should not have mattered very much to me. Ullstein— all that Ullstein Uieant— was lost to us, would have been lost even if they had left us in pos- session of the buildings. For the atmos- phere of our firm, the only atmosphere in which the firm could survive, was gone.

A dictatorship of thought had conquered the country, such as even Metternich would uot have believed possible. Yes, the days of the house of Ullstein were over. And still the ques- tion plagued me: Who is the purrhnst r. I met the man who was taking over the manage- ment of the Ullstein Company. The man was Max Wiesner. He seemed sur- prised and disconcerted to see me. Mux Wiesner, my honest colleague, the man who had spoken so bravely that time when we were trying to or- ganize the struggle against Hitler.

I had heard long ago that after Hitler's ac- cession to power he had pone over to the Nazis, gone over all the way. The capitulation had been easier for him than it had been for many others. Not that they had any more scruples than he, but they lacked his connections. Wiesner knew the right people. He was an intimate friend of Funk, who later became Minister of Economics and one of Hitler's closest associates.

It was well known that Wiesner, too, had suc- ceeded in gaining Hitler's confidence. It was all quite clear. Amann was the ostensible owner of the firm which had published Hitler's Mein Karapf. But everyone in Germany knew that the silent partner in the firm wliieh had reaped such huge profits from the sale of Mein Kampf was— the author himself.

The mysterious pur- chaser was Hitler's own publishing; firm. And bfliind this front stood that firm's most successful author. Today, all this is an open secret. But officially it is not admitted.

And so Adolf Hitler now owns the Ullstein Company. By the irony of fate, a few years later I became involved in a conspiracy to get rid of Hitler and his regime. T stayed in Germany for five years more. Perhaps this seems strange in the light of the present, but there were good reasons for it.

Germany is, after all. More- over, I wanted to see my children in safety first. I could not consider emi- grating until they had escaped abroad. But there was something else. It was the feeling that perhaps I could do something, help somehow, to save ray country from the terrible disaster that was overwhelming it. I was not deceived in this feeling. It started toward the middle of I began to get regular visits from a well- known industrialist who stood in with the highest Nazi leaders.

I was rather astonished. We had known each other formerly, of course, but there were many people I had formerly known who no longer paid me visits. The man complained constantly. I didn't say a word to any of this. As a matter of fact, for a time I suspected a trap. It was several weeks before the man finally took the plunge. He said he had something important to tell me. Before he got to it, he closed all the doors and looked out the windows to see whether anyone was around to wuU-h or halen.

The whole thiiiK was it little like a movie. But I quickly lost all desire to laugh. No small matter was in the offing. Revolution in Ger- many.

The assassination of Hitler. Men of the utmost importance in German industry were in on the plot. They had all had too much of the Nazi regime. They saw that it was pushinp: Germany into the abyss. Getting rid of Hitler was naturally only one part of the plan. It was, of course, necessary to unleash a revolution tlmt would clean out the Nazis once and for all.

The masses must be moved by a tre- mendous propaganda campaigu. That was to be my job. The Trail of the Swastika I was to go to London. As a Jew, you will simply be another emicrant. They counted on the Ullstein prestige. I was to confer with leading men in English life. I would explain what a tremendous threat: I was to take documents exposing how German agents had been sent to Pales- tine and Syria with great sums of money at their disposal to incite the Arabs w: The conspirators tlioiiL'lit t": The industrialist told me that the conspiracy was led by a member of tlio house of Hoh'enzollern.

Probably some sort of restoration of the Hohenzollerns was planned for after the overthrow of Hitler. For, as a reward for my co-operation, I was promised not only the return of my publishinir house but a title, if our plan succeeded. These promises were unnecessary. No member of his furuily evvr saw hini Ht- simply vanished from the face of the earth.

You will remember that w'' had ceived 12, Kmitf ration mfant runriini; a gantlet of a very speciul kind. Patented construction features in the Firestone Tires used by these great drivers on the speedway are incorporated in the Firestone Champion Tires you buy for the highway. For greater safety, economy and depend- ability, equip your car with a set of these wonderful tires today.

Easy terms on the Firestone Budget Plan if you desire. U-al, "ml 1 want to ton -h the five housa. Hut thut isn't much, either. H made tlu- lu. He won- ,lero l whether she thought of it the same way. Then she glanced up at him, lifting her chin.

I think you could name your own pnce. She writes a nice hand too. The Hones liav,' gone back to the city, but poor Mr. Lamar is here still. It is sad to sei- him, now he is old and has no prospect of making more money. He seems quite broken. Tiibbed his fingers thro4i;h his sandy hair. Others might have frit-mis who would try to rescue them, as Mr.

The Senate had passed the Clay reso- lution for restoration of the Federal. You'll have to show un- an improvement. I tliiiik I'll buy a luinp of ice. Want to come, Johnny'. Tomorrow at this tiiue.

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