This mod brings all of Fallout: New Vegas into the Fallout 4 engine

Automatic subtitle creation from timeline regions or a file. Now that it's a new week, and the latest sneak peek offered by the F4NV crew shows off the simpler side of the Wasteland with a first look at a 3D model of one of the in-game guns: Select events from cursor. While, fans may be disappointed to hear that Fallout: For those that might be new to this project, the team has been working hard on this project for years now working side by side with fans and Bethesda themselves to make sure this project is accurate, legal, and the perfect blend that fans have been hoping for. The new version delivers on every level, with more flexibility, more power, and more professional features.

Fallout 5 Is Still Quite A Ways Off

Motion Tracking

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Additional storyboards can also be created and used for experimental edits, alternate sequencing, or as a new tool for organizing separate sections of your project.

You can back up your work after a set time determined in minutes and hours and keep any number of daily backups. You can automatically save the current project and a backup file after every edit. All backups can be saved to the same folder as the project file, a temporary location, or any user-specified location, and opened anytime you want to return to them. Files don't need to be added one by one anymore.

You can now drag media bins which also include the new storyboard bins directly to the project timeline to add all of the bin's media files simultaneously. Project media thumbnails can now be enlarged so you can see more detail and achieve greater hover scrub accuracy. Hover scrubbing project media thumbnails gives you a quick way to identify the important points in your video files before you add them to your timeline.

Simply move the mouse over a thumbnail in the Project Media window and scrub through the video to find a specific frame.

With the ability to place the hover scrub cursor at an exact frame within the Project Media thumbnail, you can now create an In or Out point at that location. It's now possible to select more than one media file in the Project Media window and preview each file, one after the other, in one continuous operation.

This is great when you are working with storyboards because you will quickly be able to preview the entire storyboard in sequence.

Now you can easily and automatically close the gaps between any selected events on a track within a project. This helps you quickly clean up your projects and ensures you have no black frames between edits.

You can now select events from the current cursor position, including all events on selected tracks or within the entire project from the cursor to the end. It's a great way to quickly create space within a project to insert other events. Speech from a video that has been transcribed and entered as named regions in your project, a text file, or a spreadsheet can be used to instantly create a subtitle track.

Subtitle positions can be automatically synced to project audio events and can be edited for fine tuning. Sometimes your project contains either the video or audio portion of a video clip on the timeline and you decide that you want the other portion too. This feature instantly finds the missing portion, creates an event for it and syncronizes it to the existing portion. Set your project up as a project, stitch dual fisheye files seamlessly, preview your file with complete control, apply filters, and deliver as complete videos.

Give your viewers a completely immersive experience with video. In the popular Tiny Planet effect, a subject appears to be standing on a super-small planet. These can then either cut a section of the video out to reveal different video beneath, or have an effect applied within them — such as color grading or blur — making it possible to blur someone's face while leaving the rest of the video in focus.

Tied in with the new motion tracker the mask can move along with an object during the course of the video. A flexible set of tools for shaping and mastering audio, it includes plug-ins for improving the quality of your soundtrack, reducing noise, or adding special effects like delay, reverb, chorus, and much more.

Give your videos that Hollywood look! With just a few clicks, you can add the atmosphere, feel, and look of famous films, movie genres, film stocks, or particular movie-making eras to your video.

Take your viewers on a journey into a whole new realm. Add another level of excitement to your video creations.

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