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Jerry Mander August 10, at 9: Strength and speed are not enough to fight an invasion of monsters. This is a pac man game with a twist. In this game you need to put Your child helps make sure the airplanes are leaving at the correct time, a real world math concept.

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Before we get into strategy and the art of blackjack math , there are a few more terms we need to discuss. Dealers generally stand on a 17 unless it is a "Soft 17" e. Ace-6, Ace-Ace-5, or Ace Dealers cannot split their hands in standard rules. If you sit in the "Third Base" position i. There is a certain amount of chance to Blackjack - especially since it can be played with up to 8 decks - but the major plan to employ when playing is Blackjack Math. The first thing to know is you always want to stand on a hand that adds up to 17 or higher because it is a strong hand and the odds are against you drawing anything that won't cause you to "bust" over Any hand valued at 11 or lower should automatically be hit as you won't win or bust unless you hit it.

Beware of the dealer showing an ace, lest he gets a valued card next draw. This is more likely than any other value because there are four cards with that value. Remember that the dealer has an advantage because he responds to your play. Since it's the "middle" value cards that offer the most challenge, it is with these that you want to focus your attention. If you have 17 or higher, you're golden, so if you have between 11 and 16, that's the most unstable hand. Understand that the House has a serious advantage, especially in a multideck shoot.

Consider studying the art of counting cards - technically legal even if casinos don't like it - and view it as a way to read the value of each hand. The hi-lo method is what they use in the movie " 21 " with Kevin Spacey.

Read the book " Beat the Dealer " by Edward Thorp if you are interested in their strategy without the Hollywood flair. Remember not to play too long in once sitting and set a limit on how much you are open to spending - consider it set in stone and leave when your time is up. It's tempting to go over if you're "feeling lucky" but it will just give the casino more of your hard earned money. Not only does playing too long wear down your attention span, but it also makes you draw attention to yourself and the casino will start encouraging you to drink and otherwise distract you, so you stop paying attention.

After clicking the game images below, the free blackjack game will load. I have been testing them and prefer the first one as it loads much better on a smartphone. Is one of these games closer to real casino action than the other? Thank you for your comment Jerry! You can practice card counting on this page http: One has an option to disable auto card shuffle after each hand is drawn. Click here They also have free games with limited pretend money Both of the games below can be played on the iPhone, Android phone, Tablets and also on you personal computer.

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