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Winning Online Blackjack strategies

Learning how to beat the dealer

If you do want to test your skills and stand a chance to win big in a card comparing game, the next step is to fund your casino account. At JackpotCity casino, players can choose from any number of secure and convenient banking options.

Players can easily fund or top up their account by debit card, by credit card, debit card, wire transfer or by using any of the accepted ewallet payment systems. For players that sign up and make a deposit, this is where the rewards start. For first time depositors, JackpotCity offers players a generous welcome bonus, and for all our regular depositors and VIP members, we offer weekly and monthly promotions where you can win cash prizes, as well as free spins on the latest video slot games.

By claiming big bonuses you can give your online Blackjack gameplay a boost and increase your chances of a big win! At JackpotCity casino registered members get unrestricted access to hundreds of slots and casino games 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. If players have any issues making a deposit or accessing a game, they can contact customer support at any time on email, by telephone or via live chat. When you want to start playing online Blackjack JackpotCity offers both a full download version of the casino software, as well as an instant play option for anyone who prefers gaming in browser, with no download required.

For those who are new to the game, online Blackjack is played in exactly the same way as you would play in a land-based casino, except the pace is faster. In the online game, the game is set out a standard Blackjack table. On the table there is a section for the stack of card as well as an area for betting and where the cards are dealt.

The game beings with the player placing his or her bet on the table. This can be done by clicking on the chips at the bottom of the screen and then placing them in the betting area. Once the player has placed their bet on the table, the dealer will deal the player two cards and then himself two cards with one card facing up.

The aim of Blackjack is twofold; to get as close to 21 points without going over 21, and to beat the dealer. In Blackjack, the low number cards, 2 through to 10 are worth their face value. The Jack, Queen, King and Ace are all worth 10 points. The Ace is worth a single point or 11 points depending on what is needed in the hand.

If the dealer does indeed have Blackjack, the round ends and the dealer is automatically the winner. If the dealer was not dealt an up facing Ace card, the player carries on with the game. There are essentially three things that can happen; the player can choose to hit, to stand, or to double down.

If the player sees that he or she has a high scoring hand and does not want to risk going over 21 points, they can choose to stand and see if the dealer can beat their score. If the player was dealt two of the same card, they can split their hand into two hands and double the bet. If the player was dealt a low scoring hand, they can request and additional card by clicking on the hit button.

Powerful Profits From Blackjack. Royer provides a wealth of tips and step-by-step techniques for enhancing the casino gaming experience and becoming a more knowledgeable and more successful player. With methods proven on casino floors around the world, he guides you through the basics of blackjack, from knowing when to split cards and when to stand pat to the finer points of betting for maximum success.

Powerful Profits from Blackjack can increase your odds of winning and getting more enjoyment from every trip to the casino. Here are just a few of the valuable tips you'll learn: Also includes a card-size Modified Basic Strategy that you can copy print and carry with you Why you should never split 10s—except in some Blackjack Tournaments The importance of "soft hands," and why casinos hate them How the number "17" can make or break your hand Why all blackjack games are NOT the same How to find a casino that offers you the best chance of winning And much more!

Play Like The Pros: Blackjack gives you the best odds of any casino game, and armed with a little know-how, you can obtain an advantage.

Let veteran blackjack player and expert card counter John Bukofsky show you how. So you want to be Rain Man but just can't seem to instantly divide eight zillion by your shoe size? No problem--neither can the world's best blackjack players. But what they can do is work some simple techniques to increase their chances at the one game that already offers better odds for winning than slots, craps, roulette or any other. John Bukofsky explains all you need to know--from the basics of game-play and strategy to card counting at the professional level--so you can actually gain an advantage over the house.

Play Like the Pros also provides helpful information on other important aspects of the game, including: But it can be done, and Blackjack: Play Like the Pros can increase your chances of walking out a winner. Bukofsky is an excellent writer, whose 'hold-your-hand' style makes it easy for the reader to master, sequentially, the skills needed to become a successful player.

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